First of all, let’s stop playing the blame game here.  Stossel has some of this right, in where he says, the blame is to be spread over several decades.  Overspending has been a problem in the U.S government for years.

For one, there’s no urgency (in my opinion) in the house because these governments officials pensions start around $150 000 and only go up from here. (They not only receive this as a salary, but continue to receive this money for the rest of their lives)

Number two is yes, as Stossel says here, the majority of the public is outrageously uneducated on these overtly complicated topics (economic terms like derivitives, sub prime mortgages and other confusing jargen)

Their solution is to watch news shows or read newspapers.  This to me couldn’t be farther from the truth.  There is no news, no journalism, no facts presented to anyone on these news shows, it’s people like Mr. O’reilly, simply presenting their opinions and spreading more mislead information over the public.  Pundits are not bringers of news but simply celebrities with an opinion.

People need to start educating themselves, and start getting mad at how they’re being treated, and how the government works (stop the revolving door of C.E.O’s, etc from lobbying and then getting into government positions, only making bills that appeal to them)

This video is one of the numerous things that have pissed me off in recent days.  Stop blaming parties, or people in power, start making good decisions, get back to sound money, let the economy right it self, stop bailing out banks, and wall street yuppies, stop printing more fiat currency on interest, to pay off debt from past interest.  Take two looks at the fed…. read their own manual – Modern Money Mechanics – it’s quite easy to see how this country has gone into massive debt and how it will no doubt hurt a good chunk of the rest of the world (save maybe china) including our great country of Canada.